The #1 Tool That Puts Plumbers Out of Business

There’s always a right time and place to call a professional out to fix your issues. On multiple occasions during these busier times, we’ve recommended that our clients go about less intricate jobs on their own instead of relying on Monarch or any other plumbing company booked with appointments to the brim. We understand it can be frustrating, especially if you don’t have the resources or knowledge to attack.

Is just about every plumbing company you call, booked, brand new, or doesn’t have enough backing their business? We understand as a contractor that has been around for years that sometimes, customers who deserve it the most, don’t get the appointment they need. These dire situations can leave you on the computer searching for all sorts of last-second outlets. DIY information, informational videos, diagrams, ANYTHING! Anything to keep you from pulling your hair out because the very problem at hand is not going to go away, and you have become the “specialist” in your area. An individual we spoke with who does plumbing in Durango has great articles written on some do it yourself information. We’d highly recommend you check out the content if you are having trouble with any household issue.

As we continue to release content to aid in this type of situation, we want to ensure that we understand the frustration which comes alongside having to do the “digging” yourself. Bare with us, and in the meantime, you can reach our emergency hotline if you have a messy situation on your hands.

Unclogging systems can be the most stressful for a homeowner, but also the easiest to fix. Many plumbers out there don’t want you knowing about the simplicity behind unclogging most drains. Of course, if there is an issue beyond your skill level, it’s always important to contact an available professional. This way, the integrity of your plumbing stays intact, and you don’t cause intense amounts of damage.

The best tool to use in clogged drains of any sort is the snake. It’s an incredibly essential tool that’s available in most local home improvement or hardware stores. If you don’t have one already, it’s a great idea to get one as soon as possible for future reference. They are typically long and coiled with a handle for pushing past clogs. You won’t want to use this like you use a plunger if that makes any sense.

How to Use a Snake to Unclog Your Drain

First, insert the tool into whichever clogged drain you are attempting to fix. You will have an auger or sorts to hold onto at one end. You’ll use this to further spin the tool down the pipes and into what is called the “trap.”

The trap is a small pivot or bends in your plumbing, built to prevent sewer gases from rising into your home. It also prevents buildup and gives way for water to move through.

Next, keep spinning the tool until you have reached the clogged. Sometimes this can occur before the trap, but most times, it will be after the hatch. It’s essential to keep this in mind because you fill face light amounts of resistance upon reaching past this part of the plumbing.

The snake reached the clog; now, the tip captures or attaches the issue to the tool. Typically it is hair or a multitude of other daily waste that builds up. If you don’t feel any longer resistance to pushing the snake further, you will likely be able to pull the clog up without issue.

Sometimes with severe blockages, you will not be able to use a snake. Therefore professionals are your best bet unless you know how to take your pipes apart and put them back together.

Be sure to look out for more information and updates during this time. Coming out soon will be a guide to fixing blockages a snake can not set. As we stead into more advanced “waters,” don’t miss and beat and sign up for our email updates! These will include coupons, tips, tricks, and other valuable information. You can also check out a plumber in Durango on social media to stay up to date.

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